Jeremy LampkinJeremy LampkinJeremy Lampkin

Temples Series I

Ectomorphized erotic nudes cloak esoteric symbolism in my first series, an exploration of my feminine side. Otherworldly humanoids resemble the Moai of Easter Island. Ancient lore binds the story line. Mythology reflects life experience.

Once upon a time, I performed a ceremonial invocation in honor of the Gnostic concept of Wisdom (Sophia). Suddenly she appeared right before my eyes, in the flesh. Over time, I would come to see Sophia‘s character as an amalgamation of various Greek and Roman personalities including but not limited to: Athena, Prometheus, Juno, and the bearer of light, Lucifer. As in the myth of Juno and Vulcan, Sophia abandons her child, leaving him to his own devices. The series revolves around Sophia’s creation of the demiurge and her transformation into the light bringer, a metaphor for the manifestation of energy as matter.

Sophia planted a labyrinth of seeds in my head as she continually haunted my dreams. The central embryo ate away at me as it grew inside my head for many years, as I worked diligently to locate and abort the seed before it killed me. Just as Sophia once spawned the demiurge, years of fixation finally gave life to this series. The exploration of pictures burnt into my memory revealed glimpses of the big picture, as the story wrote itself.